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F6 Cocktailbar

Frognerveien 6, Oslo

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F6 Cocktailbar


F6 is the perfect venue to host birthdays, private parties and small corporate events. There are possibilities for booking part of the venue or reserving one of the lounge sections. From mid January 2015 there will be an option to split the venue into two different rooms for a more private atmosphere, the main room and a chambre séperée. From mid January 2015 F6 will have a maximum capacity of eighty individuals in a mingling bar setting, or forty individuals for a seated event (chambre séperée). Max venue capacity is 190 people.

F6 has been a popular bar since the opening in 2009, and after our complete refurbishment in January 2015 we are looking forward  to host many new events at our newly designed venue.

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